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COVID-19 update, April 1, 2020: I am providing home euthanasia services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cremation Services

At Home, At Rest Pet Euthanasia offers a variety of aftercare options with Caring Pet Service, including:

  • Private Cremation
    Your pet’s remains are cremated individually, and I will bring the remains back to you in a handmade ceramic urn or an engraved wood box, whichever you choose. You can also separate a portion of the remains if you want to spread your pet’s ashes outdoors.
  • Traditional Cremation
    Also known as communal cremation, your pet is cremated and their ashes scattered or buried by Caring Pet Service.
  • Paw Prints
    You can memorialize your pet with a ceramic mold of his or her paw. A paw print is included with every private cremation.

Cremation Fees

  • Private cremation, with custom ceramic urn or wood box: $250–400
  • Cremation with ashes spread in the forest: $85–175

Cremation fees vary based on pet size and service, and are in addition to the euthanasia fee. All private cremations include a ceramic paw print tile.