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Cremation Services

At Home, At Rest Pet Euthanasia offers a variety of aftercare options with Caring Pet Service, including:

  • Private Cremation
    Your pet’s remains are cremated individually, and you can choose among custom ceramic urns or wood boxes.
    • Standard urns and boxes. For images, click here.
    • Upgraded urns and boxes. For images, click here.
  • Traditional Cremation
    Also known as communal cremation, your pet is cremated and their ashes scattered or buried by Caring Pet Service.
  • Paw Prints
    You can memorialize your pet with a ceramic mold of his or her paw. A paw print is included with every private cremation, and can be ordered with traditional cremation as well.

    **Urns, boxes, and paw prints can be returned to you at no additonal cost via Priority USPS. If you would prefer hand delivery there is an additional $55 fee.

Aftercare Assistance

When your pet has passed away at home, we can provide respectful transportation for cremation. Individual or communal cremation can be arranged.


  • For pricing details, click here.